Spiritually Sensitive Estate Planning

Dallas Seminary Foundation offers a unique approach to walking you through the estate planning process. Spiritually Sensitive Estate Planning means we seek to understand what you desire to do with the assets you have been blessed with. We have learned most individuals provide for the Lord's Kingdom in their wills as a natural continuation of how they have stewarded their resources during their life...they just need someone to walk through the possibilities with them!

In a confidential setting with listening ears and a receptive heart, our highly trusted and experienced Christian professionals with expertise in the area of estate and financial planning seek to understand your goals for your family and for the Lord's Kingdom and then create a plan that best achieves those goals.

Because we are a ministry we offer these services without charge to friends of Dallas Theological Seminary as well as to the Christian Community. If you would like to learn more, please feel free to contact one of the Foundation's Planned Giving Officers at 214-887-5190 or email us at foundation@dts.edu.